Here at Garage Door Liquidation, we help homeowners by providing the best garage door solutions. We are your garage door specialist, and we can help you by delivering satisfactory solutions for all your needs.

If you are looking for satisfactory garage door products and services in cities like Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, New Market or Stouffville, call us today and see how we can solve the issue with our experience and expertise in the field. We are your trusted local partner, and we can reach you anytime if you need our help. We can deliver quality products and services at a fair and competitive price.

Along with installing new garage doors, we can fix all the issues with your existing one. You can hire us to get products like new garage doors, used garage doors, lift master motors and services like the garage door installation and repair of garage doors and servicing of lift master motor, liquidation and more. Thus, whether you are planning to install a new garage door, hiring professionals to perform preventive maintenance, repair work or anything else, contact us today and see how we can help you in the process.


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As one of the leading commercial and residential garage door service providers in Canada, we can help you to the perfect garage door for your home that will not only enhance the beauty of your house but also protect it from uninvited guests. We install not only new garage doors but also provide support for maintenance and repair works. Thus, call us today and see how our experts can make you happy with satisfactory garage door solutions at a best-in-the-industry price.

The garage door is one of the essential parts of your house, and that is why you should pay attention to its condition and functionality. You cannot hire anyone to install or repair your garage door, as an expert can only understand your concern and deliver solutions you need to keep your house safe and secure.
Your garage door has a significant role in the overall appearance of your property, and you can make it stylish by replacing or upgrading the door anytime. We can help you to refresh the look of your house by installing a new garage door anytime. A quality garage door can protect your home from unwanted visitors, and that is why you have to focus on its condition and functionality.


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People often prefer to use their garage door occasionally and keep it shut most of the time due to some security issues. We will ensure that you can use your garage door regularly and your garage door will remain functional and in sound condition even after a long period.

We will deliver the most dependable and styling residential and commercial garage doors that can give you good peace of mind even you are not in the house. We can provide you with the best garage door solutions, as we deliver high-quality garage doors made of premium-quality materials like steel, aluminium, wood and glass. At Garage Door Liquidation, you can get a wide variety of styles and designs for your garage door. We can also provide you with customized garage door solutions according to the design of your house.

Our team of experts can visit your place to inspect the condition of the structure and the exterior design of your house as well. They can help you to find the best garage door style that will suit the design and color of your home. Our experts will be there for your garage door installation with the guarantee of enduring strength and lasting finish.

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As a reputable company, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we help our customers in the process of cost estimation. We can give you the details of the cost you will need for garage door installation or repair. We allow our customers to consult us about the expected value of the project or any other issues like guarantee, additional fees, insurance and liability.

We provide you with the most accurate estimation for the project. Our experts will be there to inspect the condition of your property before they prepare a blueprint according to your needs and budget. We have the experience and expertise in the field, and we know how to give your accurate cost estimation. We have worked for thousands of commercial and residential projects across Canada.

For your convenience, you can visit our website and give the required, and we will get back to you immediately and take initiatives for inspection and cost estimation for your project of garage door repairs and installation. Moreover, you will not have to pay anything to get the cost estimation from us.

Prefer the Expert and Protect Your Investment

We are one of the most dependable and experienced commercial and residential garage door installation and repair service providers in Canada. Our comprehensive garage door services include the installation, repair and maintenance work for all types of garage doors.

After prolonged use, your existing garage door may need repairs work or a complete replacement, as frequent use of the garage doors often invites different repair issues and breakages. As a top-ranked service provider, we can address those issues with our knowledge and advanced tools. Our knowledgeable tradesmen know how to identify the problem and treat them as quickly as possible.

Following the identification of the problem, they start working to deliver permanent repairs solutions using the best tools and technique. Along with proper garage door repairs or installation work, we aim to take care of the safety and convenience of your clients. We are here to make your garage door one of the safest parts of your property with our skill and proficiency in the field. Thus, it does not matter how big or small your garage door is, we have some proven solution for it.

Preventive Maintenance Work for Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

We can help you to increase the life span of your garage door by performing preventive maintenance work. We are your answer for all your needs, and we can undertake preventive maintenance work to make your garage door new again.

Increase the life span of your garage door by preferring our affordable maintenance service that will not only make your garage door new again but also makes it durable inside. Thus, if you want to prevent wear and increase the life span of your garage door, call us today and see how our extensive and cost-effective maintenance work can give you a satisfactory solution.

Once you have agreed to get the maintenance service from us, we will send our technician at your place to inspect the condition of your garage door. Our technician will perform the tests and other procedures to check the functionality of the door before they lubricate and adjust all parts and moving components.

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Our technicians are aware of the typical garage door issues that can lead to severe damages in the future. It the repair work is the need of the moment, our technicians will consult on the problem. Our affordable repair work will bring your garage door in the best condition. No matter what types of garage doors you have installed in your house, we have the solutions for it. We always recommend performing maintenance work at least once in a year, as quality maintenance work can help to prevent severe damages to your door.

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A damaged door can be a grave threat to the safety and security of your house, and that is why you should take care of it. The garage door is one of the essential parts of your home, and a damaged door can make it easy for burglars to break into your house.

We are here to reach your place anytime and give you quick and effective solutions for all your concerns. Whether it is a simple hardware failure or severe collision damage, we are capable of addressing all such issues. We have a committed emergency service team that can reach your place at any time. We provide our emergency repair services to some selected cities across Canada.

Get Excellent Warranty

We provide not only satisfactory garage door installation and repair works but also offer excellent warranty for whatever we have done. We always aim to provide any service you want. We have some of the best tradesmen in the field who can give you good peace of mind with the assurance of a great warranty. We aim to make you satisfied with our excellent garage door solutions and highly-quality customer care service.

We have associated with the industry for many years, and our experience has made us an expert in the field. If you are eyeing for the most excellent garage door repairs and installation service provider, never hesitate to contact us.

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