Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Spring is one of the essential parts of your garage door, and it can break at any time. However, you cannot predict when or how the spring will break, but a broken spring can create a big problem. Your garage door spring can break for various reasons, and we are here to fix it for you.

As a leading garage door solutions provider in the field, we provide a wide range of garage door solutions including spring repair and garage door liquidation. We have gained a positive reputation through our years of experience and customer-centric approach. We provide garage door installation, repairs and maintenance service across all leading Canadian cities including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, New Market and Stouffville. We also specialize in garage-door spring repair service, and you can call us anytime to get an instant solution.

We are here to deliver Perfect Solution

Extreme temperature, prolonged use and wear and tear are some of the common reasons causing damage to your garage door spring. No matter what is the reason, we can give you the perfect solution for it. We are your one-stop solution for commercial and residential projects.
Here at Garage Door Liquidation, you can get same-day service from us. Once we get a request from our customers, we send executives to the given address. Our technicians will visit your place to inspect the condition of your door and the spring as well before they give you cost estimation.
We have a team of experts who can repair all kinds of springs attached to the garage doors. Our technician will recommend for spring replacement if the condition of your spring is beyond correction. Thousands of customer have shown faith in us, and we are thankful to them who have helped us to become an industry leader.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Why You Should Repair Your Garage Door Spring

A broken garage door spring can create many problems and noise is the most important of them all. Such springs will make the operation of opening and closing troublesome. A broken spring attached to your garage door can be a hazard for the users, as it can roll down rapidly. Such kind of malfunction can cause injuries to people standing close to the door.
If you have noticed any such problem with your garage door, you should immediately hire a professional to fix it before it causes any injuries to you or your family member. We offer 24×7 hours service in some selected cities in Canada, and you can call us any time to get instant solutions for your garage door. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection before and after the repair works.
Customer satisfaction is a great reward for us, and we always ensure that our customers have received the best garage door spring repair and garage door liquidation service. Thus, give us a call to tell your story and see how our experts visit your place and deliver high-quality solutions instantly.

Types of Spring We Repair

Most of the garage doors come with two types of springs. We call them torsion springs and extension. If your door comes with torsion spring, then you will find it above the rood, while the extension spring runs on the track. We can repair and replace both types of spring, as our technicians can repair or replace any springs easily. We always use the best tools and components to deliver satisfactory solutions to our customers. Thus, whether it is a repair or replacement, our experts will always give you the right answers.

Is it Better to Replace Both Springs?

Your garage door may have two springs and when one breaks down; the second one will surely follow the same path. Remember, both the springs come with the same cycle-rating, and you should treat both of them equality. If one of the springs has broken down, then repairing that particular spring will not be a smart idea, because the second spring can break any time. If you repair both the springs together, then it will help you to save time and money for you.

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Our Experts Know It Well

Size is a matter, as garage doors come with springs of different types and sizes. The technicians you have hired to repair, replace or garage door liquidation should have the ability to identify the types, size and weight of the spring so that it can strike the right balance with your door.
We always use quality springs for your projects, so that our customers receive the best garage door solutions from us.

We offer corrosion-free springs that will not corrode and give you good peace of mind.

Enjoy the Best Spring Repair Solutions at the Most Competitive Price

Cost is one of the critical factors, and everyone wants to know about the value of the project before we start working on it. However, we cannot say anything about the exact cost of the project until and unless we collect the details about it.

The cost of the spring repair or garage door liquidation service depends on the severity of the breakdown. The size of the defected spring and the type of door also play a significant role in determining the total cost of the project. There are more than 30 types of garage door springs are available; their price can vary for different reasons.

Our team of qualified technicians offer solutions to any garage door problem, and you will be delighted to meet them. If you are looking for cost estimation for your garage door spring repair, call us today and get it for free.

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