Used Garage Doors

Garage door installation tends to be expensive in reality, and hence many people think about cost effectiveness while hiring garage door services. Buying a high-quality garage door is always beneficial for the buyers as it is directly associated with the security and aesthetics of your home.

Buying used garage doors can be an exciting alternative for you if you have a tight budget for the installation of the garage door. As a leading door installation service provider in Canada, now we offer used garage doors for our valuable customers and if you are looking for the same, check out our the latest collection of our used garage doors.

Garage Door Liquidation is known as one of the reputed door repair and installation service providers in Canada, and we have earned the badge of excellence with our services throughout these years.

Earlier Garage Door Liquidation used to be a brand name in the door repairing industry, but the love and support from our clients have taught us to dream big, and it’s time to compete in the manufacturing business as well. We have introduced a wide variety of brand new garage doors and used garage doors for our customers, and if you are searching for the same, please have a look at the storefront, and we hope you will like it.

However, it would be a time-consuming and tedious task for a man to purchase a product after comparing the price from different stores and then look out for the best technicians for installation.

As a leading door installation company, we aim to make our services more convenient for the users, and this has led us to enter the manufacturing business, and now you can get everything starting from a variety of doors to services for installation and repairs.


In case you are thinking about purchasing used garage doors for your home, it would be an ideal solution to save money and enjoy the durability of a quality door.

At Garage Door Liquidation we won’t recommend the visitors to purchase second-hand garage doors, but if their budget is tight, they can opt for this alternative. DIY techniques are very famous as it can help you to save the installation cost however we must tell you that DIY methods can be dangerous for the inexperienced individuals and you shouldn’t opt for DIY purposes unless you are an expert.

At Garage Door Liquidation, we sell brand new and used garage doors, and you will find a wide variety of products in our stock.

Stainless steel remains one of the popular choices as a material for garage door due to its high performance and people looking for used stainless steel garage doors for their house, have visited the right place. We purchase old stainless steel doors from individuals and redesign according to the needs. Many people opt to use stainless steel because of its strength and low maintenance. If you need used garage doors to save your money, this is the best option for you.
Many people are concerned about aesthetics more than anything, and in case you have a similar requirement, a solid wood garage door will give you a sense of style mixed with a strong performance. At Garage Door Liquidation, we buy old wooden doors for your garage door needs. Homeowners looking for high-quality second-hand wooden garage doors, this is the right place for them.
Many people out there who try to combine aesthetic looks along with the durability and if you are looking for the same, used garage doors made with aluminium alloy can help you to get a good deal for your garage door. The design of the garage door is ever-changing, and if you are searching for a contemporary design to enhance the visual appeal of your exterior, this is the best option for you. At Garage Door Liquidation we have a wide variety of used garage doors, and you can check the products here.
Steel has been one of the most preferred choices among the users for its optimum performance, and its popularity remains steady in 2019. In case you are looking for a classic appearance with traditional steel doors, you can find a large variety of used garage doors here.
Glass doors have become a preferred choice for garage doors nowadays, and if you are willing to enhance the appeal of your house, nothing could be better than this. Garage Door Liquidation now offers used glass doors at a reasonable price, and if you are searching for used garage doors for your home, you have come to the right place. Choose the designs and colours from a wide variety of products, and we hope it helps you to save the cost easily.


Customers can find used garage doors based on features like water seal, thermal protection and others. In case you are searching for a particular feature, make sure to ask an expert about the functionality, and the professionals at Garage Door Liquidation would be happy to help you find the right item as soon as possible. We aim to enhance the customer experience with our customer-centric approach, and this has enabled us to become a leading name in the business of door repair and installation.